Ragon Celebrates Six Years

Ragon Celebrates Six Years

May 14

Six years of innovation has not dampened the zeal of the researchers and staff of the Ragon Institute.  Just as at the inception of the Institute in 2009, faculty and staff continue to work tirelessly toward the common goal of  developing a vaccine for HIV and have, in the process, established Ragon as a leading HIV research institution.


On Friday, March 20th, the Ragon Institute celebrated six years of innovation and collaboration at the Harvard University Northwest Building Lab Space in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Under the shadow of vintage whale skeletons diving and breaching, over 150 employees, friends and collaborators of the Institute gathered to celebrate this unflagging spirit.


In his comments, Ragon Institute Director Dr. Bruce Walker, expressed appreciation for the incredible generosity of Terry and Susan Ragon, whose initial contribution made the Ragon Institute possible.  He made note that over the past year Ragon has been able to acquire new faculty and to make significant progress towards the goal of an HIV vaccine.  “I am optimistic and believe that this is a solvable problem,” he stated.  Dr. Walker concluded by thanking everyone for what they are doing and what they will do in the future.


Representatives of the Boston AIDS Walk and Run were on hand to encourage attendees to sign up for Team Ragon in this year’s 30th annual AIDS Walk.  Annually, Team Ragon is one of the highest earning teams of the Walk, contributing back to those in the Boston community who are affected by HIV/AIDS.


Photo Gallery of the Event


Photos by Julie Boucau