Newsletter Vol 9: Ragon Institute Nears Completion of New Office and Lab Space

Newsletter Vol 9: Ragon Institute Nears Completion of New Office and Lab Space

Nov 30

For the past year, Ragon Institute faculty and staff have anticipated the completion of the renovation of five floors of research space at 400 Technology Square, Cambridge. Over the past few months considerable progress has been made, from cutting a hole in three floors to create a dramatic open staircase, to final painting and decorating of offices space and labs. A mid-January 2013 move in date is anticipated.


Researchers, staff and collaborators will be housed in three and a half floors of office and open lab space connected by an open stairway. Administrative offices will be on the first floor, lab and faculty offices on the upper three floors, and a vivarium at the basement level. In addition to 12 tissue culture labs, the 9th floor will house a secure Biosafety level 3 (BL3) lab, which will provide scientists in the community access to a dedicated cell-sorter– the only such facility within 45 miles of Boston.


The design also includes a 160-seat conference center. The space will boasts state of the art audio-visual and audio conferencing capabilities providing the Ragon Institute with the ability to host symposiums, local, national and international meetings in house.


Perhaps of most importance is the prime location of the new facility. The Tech Square area– adjacent to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, the Broad Institute and the Koch Institute– has been described as the “densest square mile of innovation on the planet.” Positioning the Ragon Institute in the heart of innovation provides the optimal environment for advancing immunology research and for accelerating the quest for an AIDS vaccine.


The move to this new space will provide a critical step forward in the research and recruitment capabilities of the Ragon Institute.


Building Project Summary


Location:     400 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA


Landlords:     Alexandria Real Estate – ARE


Architects:     Linea 5 and Paul Lukez Architecture
Premises:     211,909 square foot office and laboratory building. Ragon Institute will occupy approximately 74,675 sq ft consisting of half the floor, 3000 sq ft on basement level, and all floors 7-9 of the building.


  • Floor 1 (8,254 sq ft): 160-seat conference center, grant administration offices
  • Floor 7 (21,335 sq ft): lab/office space
  • Floor 8 (21,335 sq ft): lab/office space
  • Floor 9 (20,751 sq ft): lab/office space,
  • Basement (3,000 sq ft)