Kwon and Collaborators Win New Venture Award

Kwon and Collaborators Win New Venture Award

Apr 11

On March 23, DayZero Diagnostics was announced as the winner of the Harvard Business School (HBS) New Venture Competition.

DayZero Diagnostics, headed by Ragon faculty Drs. Douglas Kwon and Melis Anahtar, Dougal Maclauren, Miriam Huntley, and Jong Lee, is a startup which is striving to change the way doctors diagnose bacterial infections.  They are developing technology which leverages the power of genome sequencing to identify a bacteria’s species, as well as the level of resistance.  This technology will allow doctors to generate a diagnosis in a matter of hours, enabling them to treat patients sooner and to prescribe more specific antibiotics.

The $10,000 cash award from the HBS New Venture Competition, along with $130,000 in legal, computer, legal, cloud services will help DayZero to move forward in building the technology which will provide these positive results.