Employee Highlight: Alyssa Clark

Employee Highlight: Alyssa Clark

Apr 07

The expressed goal of the Ragon Insitute is lofty: to harness the immune system to prevent and cure human disease.  But behind every principal investigator publishing a new finding is a team of support staff enabling their research.  In the offices, administrative assistants, regulatory staff, and grant administrators manage the office, monitor funding, and ensure that IRB protocols are strictly followed.  In the laboratory, research technicians are not only preparing for future scientific careers, they also perform laboratory work crucial to the research of principal investigators.


Therefore, the Ragon Institute is pleased to present a new monthly feature, interviews with these support staff, to learn more about them and the important role that they play at the Ragon Institute.


Our second interview is with Alyssa Clark, Senior Administrative Coordinator.


Where are you from?  How long have you been at Ragon?

I am from Belmont, MA, a hilly suburb close to Harvard Square. I joined Ragon Institute shortly after graduating from Clark University, and I’ve worked here almost 2 years.


What do you do at Ragon?  What is a typical day like?

I am the Senior Administrative Coordinator, working directly with the Managing Director, Kathy Donnelly, and acting as an administrative resource to the Institute. My days are not typical, but that’s what I love about my job! I am constantly moving between projects, but I am grounded by administration of weekly meetings, scheduling and project management for Kathy, conference room/line scheduling, and managing hosted events at the Ragon Institute auditorium.


As a non-scientist, what drew you to the Ragon Institute?

While I am not a scientist, I was drawn to the Ragon Institute because of its scientific mission to help others by contributing to the accelerated discovery of an HIV/AIDS vaccine. Additionally, I enjoy the energetic, fast-paced environment that characterizes the Institute.


What is your favorite place in Boston/Cambridge to hang out?

I love to walk around Cambridge, particularly Harvard Square and Central Square. I’m usually on a thrift shopping trip to Boomerang’s or headed to Trivia night.


This will be your second year organizing the AIDS Walk & 5K Run Boston team.  What do you find most rewarding about your involvement?

Seeing everyone come together on walk day to support AIDS Action Committee is the most rewarding moment. When you are unexpectedly running behind schedule, and the entire team beats you the DCR Hatchshell for the team picture at 8:10am on a Saturday morning, you know you have a dedicated team. I am energized by the commitment of my teammates, and I work hard to make sure that they enjoy fundraising and participating in the walk!
If you are interested in joining Ragon Institute’s AIDS Walk &5K Run team this year, please contact Alyssa, or sign up here.