An Interview With Bruce Walker, MD

An Interview With Bruce Walker, MD

Feb 19

Ragon Institute Director, Dr. Bruce Walker, talks to Robert Tomsho and answers questions about the progress of HIV/AIDS research, three decades after the disease was first discovered.  Dr. Walker addresses the value of philanthropy and how his work in South Africa has affected him.


“… there’s a sense that the AIDS problem has been solved by the development of anti-HIV drugs. But if you look at this as a global epidemic, we’re actually losing ground. Despite putting millions of people on treatment, there are millions more that need treatment because the epidemic is still spreading, especially in resource-poor settings around the world.


The number of children dying of HIV infection has decreased, but the number of children getting infected is still on the rise. All of those kids are going to need treatment for their entire lives. We absolutely need to keep focused on the ultimate solution to the epidemic, which is a preventive vaccine.”



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