Global Camps Africa Visits Ragon

Global Camps Africa Visits Ragon

Sep 10

On Sept 6, 2012, the Ragon Institute International Program and the Education Program hosted Global Camps Africa at the Charlestown laboratories.


Global Camps Africa is an educative program developed by Phil Lilienthal in South Africa. These 8-day camps provide education, life skills and support to HIV-affected kids and teens near Soweto.


Five South African camp counselors from Camp Sizanani and founder Phil Lilienthal, visited Ragon to introduce their program and to learn more about the Ragon educational activities in Boston and Africa.


Presentations were given by Ragon Education Program Director, Sylvie Le Gall and International Program Director, Marylyn Addo as well as Brian Zanoni, MD. Ragon post docs and techs also attended and participated in the presentations. At the end of the day, Phil Lilenthal presented the work of Global Camps Africa.


Global Camps Africa , established in 2003, holds six camp sessions per year at Camp Sizanani, a rented site about an hour from Johannesburg, South Africa. In addition to traditional camp activities such as arts and crafts, sports and music, these camps also weave in seven 1-hour life skills classes each day, on such topics as nutrition and HIV/AIDS prevention education.


The impact of the camps is wide ranging. More than 4,600 children have attended the camp since 2003, bringing the skills they learn at camp back to their families and communities.


The Ragon Institute recognizes the value of a comprehensive approach to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, not only researching for a vaccine but providing healthcare and education to all those affected and it applauds the work of Global Camps Africa and programs like it.


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