Walker Recognized Among Brightest Scientific Minds

Walker Recognized Among Brightest Scientific Minds

Nov 26

Who are some of the best and brightest scientific minds of our time?


Multinational mass media and information firm, Thomson/Reuters answered this question by analyzing citation data over the last 11 years to identify those who published the highest-impact work.  Of the 32,000 individuals selected, 30 investigators are based at or closely affiliated with Massachusetts General Hospital, including Ragon Institute Director, Dr. Bruce Walker.


research_quoteThe list of MGH investigators on the Thompson/Reuters list and the fields under which they were listed are as follows:


Clinical Medicine: Jeffrey Engelman, MD, Keith Flaherty, MD, Gad Getz, PhD, Daniel Haber, MD, PhD, Rakesh Jain, PhD, James Meigs, MD, David Nathan, MD, and Ralph Weissleder, MD, PhD


Microbiology/Immunology: Bruce Walker, MD


Molecular Biology/Genetics: David Altshuler, MD, PhD, Bradley Bernstein, MD, PhD, Mark Daly, PhD, Sekar Kathiresan, MD, Shaun Purcell, PhD


Neuroscience/Neurology: Randy Buckner, PhD, Bruce Fischl, PhD, John Gabrieli, PhD (bsed at MIT), Douglas Greve, PhD, Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD, Nikolaos Makris, MD, David Salat, PhD, Reisa Sperling, MD, Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, and Andre Van Der Kouwe, PhD


Psychiatry/Psychology: Joseph Biederman, MD, Maurizio Fava, MD, Stephen Faraone, PhD, Andrew Nierenberg, MD, Gary Sachs, MD, and Larry Seidman, PhD (based at BIDMC).


Congratulations to all the MGH Researchers  recognized for their excellency!  These individuals are influencing the future direction of their respective fields, and of the world.



Download The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2014 report (pdf)